For questions about your career, advice, and how to learn bioinformatics, please join the Facebook group so all the awesome people in the OMGenomics community have a chance to help and to learn from your experiences — and from other people’s answers to your questions. This is also the place to go to tell me what you think about OMGenomics and to share your own successes — I read everything you post in the community 🙂

For technical questions, please ask them on for bioinformatics questions or on Stack Overflow for non-biological questions about programming. The community has grown to a size where I get requests for help with technical queries every day, and if I answer them all then I have no time left to build up the community, create the video show, and make courses to serve more people.

To reach out to me about opportunities or anything else that doesn’t fit in the two categories above, feel free to email me at