I develop custom biology-specific visualization software that helps scientists recognize patterns and intuitively understand complex genomic data. If your company has a unique data visualization challenge, tell me about it at maria@omgenomics.com

If you want to see some of my previous work, check out Circa, Ribbon, and SplitThreader.


Intuitive GUI desktop application for designing circos plots


Visualizing complex genome alignments and structural variation

Ribbon screenshot


Exploration and analysis of rearrangements in cancer genomes

SplitThreader screenshot

SplitThreader was created during my PhD at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Ribbon was sponsored by Pacific Biosciences, a long-read sequencing company, with the goal of helping inspire their customers to see the value of long reads for understanding complex and structural genetic variation. Circa is the first software product I have made since starting my company OMGenomics, LLC in 2017.

Since launching Circa, I am looking for new challenges. If you have complex data to visualize, let’s talk. maria@omgenomics.com