Okay, so I gave Wordpress a serious try for years and I just can’t anymore. I just want to be able to write everything in markdown instead of messing with whatever “visual editor” Wordpress is into. It’s way easier to see updates with git for source control.

Also why even bother with themes? What really matters is the content, like on Medium you can’t change very much, so it’s a nice, calm, consistent experience.

I also decided that my sales page for Circa was too sales-y, I was just following best practices from the online business crowd but it feels a little cringe-worthy to me.

So I’m redoing it all (well, since you’re reading this, it means it’s done!). I’m using Jekyll with GitHub pages, and hopefully it will lower the frustration barriers that have subtly nudged me away from making improvements to the site and adding new content.

I might write more posts too, like this one, but until then most of the good stuff is in two places:

  1. The OMGenomics YouTube channel.
  2. Circa – but only if you need to make genomics circos plots.

Or follow me on Twitter @marianattestad if you want to get updates that include my work projects as well.